Volunteering with PEO

As a member in a self-regulating profession, there is an implicit obligation in the privilege of having your P.Eng. licence, which is to give back some volunteering time to help with the self-regulation and effective operation of the professional association. Many things happen at the local level in our Chapters and others happen at a provincial level through the PEO Regions and Headquarters. Volunteers are needed at all levels.

At the Chapter Level: The Chapter is always looking for members to assist with:

  • planning and running events – we have 10-12 per year, such as certificate presentations, financial and technical seminars, tours of local facilities and family events;
  • the Government Liaison Program that is run by PEO HQ to reach our MPPs on a regular basis, and with municipal advisory committees (public works, library  boards, etc);
  • participation in the Chapter Executive and the Regional activities of PEO (reviews of PEO programs and policies, etc); and
  • Chapter management by becoming an officer of the Chapter and participating in Regional Congress as a Chapter representative.

 To learn more about Chapter level activities, contact us at Volunteering@peobrampton.ca for more details. or subscribe to our volunteer email list.

At the PEO level: on committees and Council volunteers can participate in:

  • operational committees such as Experience Requirements or Enforcement;
  • policy committees such as Professional Standards or Equity & Diversity;
  • the  Awards Committee that, among other things, recommends the nominees for the Order of Honour;
  • Council as a Regional Councillor (one of two for each Region, to steer the Chapter system  and move Chapter concerns  to the Council level);
  • governance at even higher levels as Councillor-at-Large, Vice-President or President.

A full listing of PEO committees and task groups can be found on the PEO main website under "Governance". To learn more about PEO level volunteering on committees or task groups, contact Viktoria Aleksandrova, Volunteer Recruitment, at volunteering@peo.on.ca or https://forum.peo.on.ca/PEOVAA/Volunteer/VolunteeringHome.aspx.