A Message from the Chair

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Spring 2017 newsletter. We have many events planned for the rest of 2017 and are always looking for ideas from you. Think about what is important to you and let your executive know. Better yet come out and volunteer to help plan and put on an event you are passionate about. As chapter members, it’s all about connecting you with fellow engineers and your community.

A good example is our annual Family Day Ski Day at Devil’s Glen Ski Resort where over a hundred engineers, family and friends got together for a fun day of skiing and snowboarding in February. This annual event has seen engineers and their families come year after year
to maintain friendships and make new ones. This year, Ski Day even connected us with engineers from chapters near and far, from Oakville to as far away as Muskoka, Simcoe and Ottawa.

It could be a technical seminar, a sporting event or a plant tour that connects you with other PEO members. Have a read through the newsletter to find out what your chapter has been doing and what is planned for this year. Pick something you could benefit from and get involved either as a participant or as a volunteer. Our engineering education outreach programs work with local school boards, Sheridan College and groups like Let’s Talk Science to put on programs that reach primary and secondary school students to encourage their interest in applied science, engineering and engineering careers. We engage with parents and teachers who are the primary people that shape the student’s aspirations.

Your chapter is offering Aspiring Engineering scholarships for grade 12 students entering an accredited engineering program this fall. And for the third year in a row, the chapter is also offering a Women-in-Engineering scholarship for Grade 12 female students enrolling in engineering studies that combine high academic achievement with leadership and community involvement that promotes women in engineering.

So whether your interest is a technical talk, a tour of a local facility, family events (like our summer picnic, winter skiing and bowling), or being involved in planning and running these events, come out and connect with your fellow engineers, your chapter and your community. Spread the word about professional engineering. Get involved whether at the local chapter level, or serve on the PEO committees that shape our profession. You can even consider running for PEO council.

Engineering is a profession that touches every facet of society. Engineers are called upon to design, resolve problems and establish regulations. We can make a difference in our community and ensure that our primary concern of public safety in all we design and do is met. Remember, giving is better than receiving and has its own rewards.


Max Morrow, P.Eng.,
Chair – PEO Brampton Chapter